What We Do

the ossabaw ham project

the chesapeake was once home to one of the greatest american hams. at urban butcher, we are committed to the revival and preservation of this local heirloom delicacy.

we butcher and cure only woodland ossabaw island hogs, pigs descended from ancient ibericos, castaway survivors of spanish shipwrecks. 400 years of isolation and surviving island hardships and scarcities gave this unique american breed an uncommonly creamy fat and extreme marbling, making the ossabaw hog an ideal charcuterie pig.

steaks – 60+ dry – aged beef

we push the aging process under our proprietary conditions to twice the standard,  getting greater tenderness and concentration of flavors along with that toffee, nutty urban butcher taste.

only us

30-day salt packing is unique to us. we combine what we learned from curing and cellaring with dry-aging to produce greater tenderness and concentration of flavors in cuts for which this was never before possible.