Urban Butcher Reopens With A New Look

Urban Butcher Reopens With A New Look


After having some work done after six happy years, URBAN BUTCHER is reopening Tuesday, June 11, 2019; this time around, our shop is the canvas for bold urban art that fully actualizes my dream of an “alternative steakhouse” in a truly authentic space.

I’m very excited that our reopening is timed with the completion of something that started four years ago. The Ossabaw Ham Project, where we cure legs from the Ossabaw Island hog, a truly American castaway survivor of Spanish shipwrecks and descended from ancient Ibericos, living on the island for the last 400 years. We rub these hams with sea salt and lightly smoke them in applewood and hickory for three winters, so the cure shows hints of toasted nuts, sweet barley and raw molasses. The legs will be sliced by hand and served tableside.

The new menu is made to complement our robust meats with many dishes that would make for a light dinner on their own. Vegetables and much more from the sea will be offered. My favorites: Tigers, colossal whole prawns served with crustacean mayonnaise; charred globe artichokes with picatta butter; cucumbers and strawberries with horseradish.

Favorite dishes like empanadas and meatballs are left off the new menu but not left behind–they will be offered as hush dishes upon request. Something to look forward to is the $35, three-course Early Supper, now known as the Butcher’s Dinner and available the whole evening.

I would like to thank all our guests for the warm support and cheers and patience during renovations. I promise we will keep on sourcing meticulously, pushing flavors to the bold, and showing you a great time.

Raynold Mendiz√°bal

5:00 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday (We rest on Mondays)

5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.